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Amy Balliett

CEO - Killer Infographics

Amy Balliett is the CEO and owner of Killer Infographics, an industry-leading visual communication agency driving visual strategy and campaigns for a vast portfolio of Fortune1000 clients. She owned her first company, an ice cream parlor and penny candy store, at the age of 17 which she exited in the weeks leading up to college. In the years that followed, she built a successful career in online marketing and partnered to launch a suite of affiliate websites. The venture shifted in 2010 with the creation of Killer Infographics which married her passion for visual storytelling with her love of marketing. Considered a notable thought leader in visual communication, Balliett is a regular instructor at the School of Visual Concepts, Lynda author, guest lecturer at the University of Washington, and a sought after public speaker presenting at dozens of global conferences each year.