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Glenn Platt

Professor Marketing, Director Interactive Media Studies - Miami University and author

Glenn Platt is the C. Michael Armstrong Chair, Professor of Marketing and has been Director of Miami University's Interactive Media Studies Program (and AIMS) since 2000. He also serves as the President Emeritus of the International Digital Media and Arts Association. Glenn teaches courses in social media marketing & online community management and digital marketing as well Miami's client-based consulting course. Glenn and his colleague Professor Lage, coined the phrase "inverted classroom" with a 2000 seminal work outlining the benefits of using technology to move active learning into the classroom and lecture outside of class. Glen presents regularly to academic and industry audiences on topics ranging from the future of marketing to how higher education remains relevant in today's environment. In addition to higher education, Glenn consults in areas of Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Gamification. During his career he has worked with P&G, HP, Cintas, Nielsen, Convergys, Bank of America, IDEO, Luxottica, Tractor Supply, J Peterman, Gensler, Parsons, and others. Glenn is regularly published and has been a two time presenter at SXSW.