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Rashmi Adaval

Professor - University of Cincinnati, Department of Marketing

Dr. Rashmi Adaval (PhD, University of Illinois) is a consumer psychologist who has been teaching Brand Management for nearly two decades to undergraduates, MBAs and executives in Hong Kong. Her research focuses on when and how consumers use brand information, how feelings affect brand attitudes and cross-cultural differences in how people respond to brands. New to the University of Cincinnati, where she is a Professor, she brings to the table knowledge about branding in not only the US market but also growing markets such as China and India. Have you ever wondered what to do when your brand perceptions are less than favorable? Or, why your market share is stagnant? Or, how you can stay above fads and be meaningful to consumers for decades? Her interest in topics such as value creation in established or emerging markets, changing stubbornly negative brand perceptions, building brands with limited resources can help brands get out of the rut.