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LOCATION: Jr Ballroom A
DATE: Thursday, October 12
TIME: 3:15pm - 3:55pm
TRACK(S): Consumer Summit

Look Up from Your Phone...The Future of Research is on Mobile

Consumers share more digitally than ever before and it's not stopping. To collect insights from them, we have to evolve our methods and approach. In 2008 we saw a problem with how consumer research was done: in a vacuum, in an office park, in a shop-a-long- or in a home. Super manual, super time prohibitive, super unauthentic. To reach consumers in a real, authentic and fast way, we built a mobile capability that today engages consumers in every continent daily. We've helped brands reach consumers in real-time with actionable insights. We've reduced travel budgets by 40%+ on quantitative research. We've just gotten started. Come learn more about how we're using our proprietary platform and COCREATION (we care so much about consumer research we trademarked cocreation) methodologies to help brands like adidas, P&G and more put the customer at the center of their research.

SPEAKERS: Greg Brown, VP, Strategy & Engagement - Batterii