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LOCATION: Grand Ballroom B
DATE: Thursday, October 12
TIME: 2:00pm - 2:45pm
TRACK(S): Advertising, Agency, eCommerce & Mobile, Future Trends, Innovation & Technology, Marketing, Retail, Strategy

Consumer Summit

How Brands Keep Pace as Retail Change Accelerates

Retail is changing every day: new targeting capabilities, new services, new fulfillment options. If Alexa only reads back three products for every voice search, how will our brands win? When an AI-powered shopping assistant goes searching for the best product, price and shipping rate for an item, do our brand equities and marketing campaigns even matter? As retail channels become increasingly commodified, what are the ways we can gain a competitive advantage?

Investing with Amazon doesn't check the box. Call it future-proofing, call it investing in the long game, call it whatever you want, but the days of traditional go-to-market are ending. The days of eCommerce operating in silos are over. The days of thinking our brand ecosystem and retailer ecosystem are separate are done.

Come and hear about the forces driving marketers to reevaluate their retail strategy, along with example cases about how manufacturers are reinventing their approach to commerce.

SPEAKERS: Nate Carney, SVP Innovations - Rockfish